A downloadable game for Android

When your planet is in danger, the time has come to step into your spaceship and defend it at all costs. 

Put on your VR headset and shoot the hell out of all the space invaders before they destroy your entire civilization but beware with their final weapon...

PD: This game was developed at the Ludum Dare º23 with the "Little Planet" theme.

The Team:

Programmers  Elliot Jesuá Aparicio Suárez, Joshua González Santana, Enrique Sánchez Sanabria

Composer Carlos Machín Méndez

Graphics Leilah Franquelo Martínez

Install instructions

Download to a phone with a gyroscope, an updated version of the Google Cardboard app and an Android OS.


Colirio.apk 32 MB

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